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Why should you involve your wife in Financial Planning?

Societies across countries have steadily become modern over the years however it shall take a few decades to absorb the “Ki & Ka” style of living. “Ki & Ka” is a movie where a young Indian married couple have their roles reversed; “Ki” the wife is the only earning member of the house while “Ka” the husband manages the daily household chores. Usually the wife, even if she is the sole earning member of the house does not get involved in the personal financial matters of the family. Most of the time it is because they do not wish to get bothered with the details; not that they are not bothered about the financial well being of the family. Stated below are the two basic reasons why it’s important for a wife to be involved in planning the finances of the family.

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Atul Surana, Certified Financial Planner CM, Practitioner and a registered investment adviser. Atul is a member of Financial Planning Standards Board of India.
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