Atul Surana

Co-founder & CIO

India’s top 20 wisest Advisor

Mr. Atul Surana, Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of UpWealth is Certified Financial Planner CM, & AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor. Mr. Atul has nearly 15+ years of experience as financial advisor & member of Financial Planning Standards Board of India. Mr. Atul has expertise & broad experience to help clients reach their financial goals by providing the objective financial guidance. He is extremely driven and very passionate about his specialty – helping clients build wealth, protect assets and develop tax efficient succession plans. He currently manages 200+ crore portfolio of his existing customers & one of the top financial advisors in India. Mr. Atul has been awarded with many distinguished awards like ‘India’s top 20 wisest Advisor’ & ‘Tarakki Champions’ to name a few.

At UpWealth, Mr. Atul will be responsible for various investment related functionalities like Asset Allocation, Fund Selection, and Investing Strategy Research & Development. He is one of the innovative brains behind our trademark advisory engine / algorithm (UpWealthNowTM) which has used his extensive investment knowledge to automate the fund selection & investment process with the power of latest technologies.

Atul Surana