Smart Savings - Now save smartly to get better returns with upWealth

Looking for the perfect substitute for your savings bank account to park your Surplus Amounts? UpWealth Smart Savings funds can do a better job than your savings account.

Why choose

upWealth Smart Savings


Least Risk with good returns ranging between 8-9%


Instant Redemption within 30 minutes to your bank account.


High liquidity since the money remains invested for short period.


Liquid funds have taxation benefits compared to savings bank account.

Do you have surplus money in hand
but don’t wish to lock them in fixed deposits?

Why Invest in Smart Saving Liquid Funds

Withdraw money instantly

Liquid mutual funds with instant redemption facility to withdraw money instantly.

Get Higher Returns

Avail 2% to 3% higher returns than bank saving accounts.

No Penalty on Withdrawal

Withdraw your money instantly and easily without any exit load.

Save Money

Low Risk & High Liquidity

It consist of short term money market instruments & highly liquid.

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FAQs (Frequently asked Questions)

Liquid funds belong to the debt category of mutual funds. They invest in very short-term market instruments like treasury bills, government securities etc.  It is an open-ended debt mutual fund scheme, ideal for short-term investments. Investors can enter/exit the scheme whenever desired. Its is a low-risk instrument giving returns more than that received from bank.

Financial planners consider liquid funds to carry lowest risk as well as least volatility in the category of mutual funds. This is because they generally invest in instruments with high credit rating (P1+).

Unlike other debt funds where NAV is calculated only for business days, NAV for liquid funds is calculated for 365 days. NAV of liquid fund doesn’t fluctuate much as other funds. Units are allotted as per previous day’s NAV if application is received before 2 p.m. Withdrawal requests are processed in 24 hrs.

No lock-in period: Withdrawals from liquid funds are processed within 24 hours on business days.

No entry and exit load: Unlike FDs, there is no penalty for exiting or breaking them

Lowest interest rate risk: Lowest interest rate risk because of high liquidity

Taxation: Dividends received are tax-free. However, taxation is applicable

Diversification: Investing a certain portion of your excess cash in liquid funds