We're building India's most trusted Goal-based Mutual Fund Investment Company.

About upWealth

UpWealth is Goal-Based financial planning and robo-investing advisory platform built  for people to secure their financial future. With the help of UpWealth you can setup personal financial goals and we help you get there on time. To help you to achieve your Financial Freedom, we have created UpWealth – Your Investment Guru!

We’re making investing easier for all Indians.

Our mission is to simplify investing through innovation. We are determine to provide the opportunities of investing & wealth creation to each & every Indian with the help of our experts for free of cost.  With the help of UpWealth, our customers can retire with confidence and meet their financial goals along the way.

Our values

At UpWealth, selling is not our objective but advising our customers in a way that is completely unbiased and proven. 


We leverage decades of investing expertise with a focus on building a world-class user experience.


With the help of our proven & unbiased strategies you can minimize risk while maximizing rewards.


Our bank grade security guarantees the safety and data protection of our customers.

Our Team

Atul Surana

Atul Surana

Co-founder & CIO
Rohan Khedkar

Rohan Khedkar

Co-founder & CEO
Deep Upadhye

Deep Upadhye

Co-founder & CTO