DIY Investing can be as Dangerous as Self-Medication

Investing is a Prescription based medicine, it’s not a Do it yourself thing.

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UpWealth won’t charge anything to it’s customers for account creation, investments or transactions. As we provide regular mutual funds, we get the trail commission directly from AMCs (Asset Management companies) which generally range from 0.5% to 1% so it won’t get paid from your investments but paid by AMC’s separately.  

Your money is completely safe! Your money moves directly from your bank account to mutual fund companies & back with our secure payment gateway transactions. So the investments are always held under your name directly. Which means you can still go to the Mutual Fund company’s website directly and see all your investments there with respective AMC’s.

Unlike our competitors, UpWealth is Goal based Mutual Fund investment platform. Our Goal based investing is our proven approach which aims to help you to achieve your personal financial goals, whatever they may be in a straightforward and simple way. Also unlike our competitors, Selling is not our objective but advising our customers to help them to achieve their financial goals.

Yes, you can withdraw your money anytime you want except in the Tax Saving goal. In the Tax Save goal, your investments are made in a special category of funds called Tax Saver Mutual Funds (ELSS) and they have a government mandated lock-in period of 3 years.

No, you don’t need that as Mutual Fund investments do not need a Demat account.

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