We help you to put your money to work for your better tomorrow.

Free Expert Financial Advice for Investments.

Our Expert financial advisers tailor your financial plan to your needs – not ours. Our trademark algorithm, developed by our expert financial advisers will help you to achieve your financial goals with a customized goal plan.

Hassle Free Goal-Based Mutual Fund Investing

UpWealth’s Goal based investing is our proven approach which aims to help you to achieve your personal financial goals. It help you by placing your financial goals right at the center of our advice process according to your goals.

Detailed Tracking of your Investments

Our trademark algorithms continuously monitors your investments & its performance to ensure you are on track to achieve your goal. You can see whether your goals are on-track or not. If off track we provides easy to implement advice on how to get back on track. 

Your investments are safe & secure

Secure Login with 2-Factor Authentication.

Login to your UpWealth investment account is secured with 2-factor authentication with UpWealth credentials.

Data Privacy and Protection

Our bank-level security protects your sensitive personal details from unauthorized access and use of your information.

Fingerprint & Pin-protected Mobile App

Our users can add additional security with fingerprint for our Mobile Applications.

Safe and Secure Transactions

Your money moves directly from your bank account to mutual fund companies & back with our secure payment gateway transactions.

As you invest for your tomorrow,
see what your money can do.

UpWealth can help you to build a plan for your various financial goals to explore the possibilities to find out what it takes to enjoy an early retirement, travel the world & to secure your financial future.

Secure & Convenient Payment Options
for Investing


Net Banking

All major banks are supported for Net Banking Transactions.


Auto-Pay with Physical Mandates

ECS payments for your SIP Transactions.


UPI Payments

Secure UPI Payments for your Investments.