Give your child a Promising Future.

Why you need a Kids Education Goal?

Since last one decade, Kids Education remains on the top priority of Indians when it comes to their Financial Goals. But even though the kids’ education is the most important priority for parents, its costs is a major concern.

The average rate of education inflation (the rate at which education expenses are rising) is around 10% to 15% a year. According to team of experts, kids’ education is one of the biggest cash outflows that families must plan for in advance. The big question always worrying Indian parents & might to you as well: will we be able to fund our children’s higher education? You can, if you plan ahead and take the right steps.


  • The cost of higher education is already high and rising at 10-12% a year.


  • Since the rate of education inflation is so high, you need compounding to work for you over a longer period.


  • When your child is ready to go to college, you will be ready with the right amount of money and won’t be awed by the high costs of education.

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