Plan Kids Marriage for not to screw up your other goals.

Why you need a Kids Marriage Goal?

As a parent, you not only want your child to have a sound education, but also memorable celebrations on important occasions like a wedding.

Every parent wants to make the wedding of their child one of the most memorable occasions of his / her life.But in order to fulfill these desires, it is crucial that you follow the right approach towards planning this financial goal of your kids’ marriage. The motive of this goal is to make your child’s marriage a memorable one withoutdraining your other savings and investments. Our expert financial advisors will help you pre-plan savings by suggesting investment as per yourrisk profile and financial preferences as each one’s personal finances are unique.


  • The main aim of this goal is to ensure that your retirement goal is not affected by your kids wedding expenses.


  • To avoid from getting trapped in personal loans specifically to meet your kids marriage expenses as it’s not planned.


  • Recognizing inflation, this goal will help you to rationally estimate the future cost of marriage.

  • It will help you planning this goal early. A longer investment horizon can facilitate better power of compounding.

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