It's Not Retirement But Rewirement.

Why you should do your Retirement Planning today?

The root of the word Retirement is Retire which means ceasing to work & move back and become less active. But that’s not true. Just because you are not working or earning anymore it doesn’t mean you should move back & be less active.

In fact, we Indians our whole lives sacrifice & compromise on our dreams and goals while earning by postponing them for the future. And once get retired, unable to live those dreams coz of financial restrictions. But our Retirement Goal which we call it as Rewirement which means a pathway to live an active life helps you to start preparing for your future from today.


  • 7 out of 10 Indians expect their children to support them in their retirement but only 30% of current retirees receive financial support from children.

  • Retirement Study found that while 77% of working age people in India expect a comfortable retired life, only 23% are actually putting aside money to fund that phase of life.

  • Over two thirds of working age people expects to keep working in some form in the early and active years of retirement.

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